A Home of Learning

A gathering of faithful mothers. Women being uplifted, unified, and strengthened in our homeschooling journey as members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints. We strive to follow Him in all things, to nurture the hearts of our children and accept Christ’s call to educate in the home.

Join us in the movement of Spirit-led teaching as we put Christ at the center of our homeschool, and each establish a “Home of Learning”.

We are mothers who have accepted the call from Christ to educate our children in the home. We are women who have a deep and intimate way of connecting both with each other and with our Lord. With our eye on our Savior we are tuning our hearts to Him, and are blazing new trails for others to follow.

Come gather with us at our first ever Retreat. Unite with us, bond with us, be a part of this great gathering. We need your strength and your song.

a sweet gathering



Centering ourselves, our lives, and our homeschool on Christ, helps us come unto Him and deeply converts us to His gospel. When He becomes the reason for all we do, His influence penetrates our hearts and dwells in our homes. In this way we truly accept the invitation to follow Him. He is our Lord, and we are His children.



The family is ordained of God and is the pattern of heaven. By divine design it is within the sacred roles of the family that God’s children fulfill the measure of their creation and find purpose, joy, and love both in time and throughout eternity. God has established families to be pillars of strength in His kingdom. The home is the fountain from which we learn of Him, live His gospel, and where His spirit flows into our hearts and minds.



Christ is the great unifier. When He is the bond that holds us together we will never fail both in our individual calls to homeschool, and as a community. With our focus on Him we can connect with one another and with our children in holier ways that will support us, lift us and bring us closer to Him. When we choose Christ we are His, and all things are possible to those that bind themselves to The Savior and labor with Him.





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