Faithful Family Friday //The Pembertons// 5-25-18



Rachel Pemberton


Even since before having kids, I had thoughts of homeschooling when the time came. God was working on my heart even then! When our oldest started kindergarten, we decided to homeschool, but I didn’t have a homeschool community to learn from and was going in pretty blindly. It went fine, but I constantly worried about my abilities and if I was doing enough for my son. Halfway through the year, we moved to my hometown. Because we knew many people at the elementary school, we decided to put him in public school for the rest of kindergarten. My oldest deals with some anxieties, and every day became a fight to get him there.  He would be tears almost every day as I left him. It was hard on him and on my heart. We were blessed with his amazing teacher, but I still could not get homeschool out of my mind. My husband and I had many late night talks, and I prayed and studied a lot. We decided that homeschooling was the right choice for our family at this time. With 4 boys under 7, including a new baby, I have relied a lot on my Heavenly Father to help me know what to teach, how to go about it, and to keep my chin up on tough days. Our days are crazy, but I wouldn’t have it any other way. It’s not the kind of crazy where we are constantly running out the door and in the car all day. It is a sweet kind of crazy that comes with a houseful is energetic little boys, smiles, laughs, and plenty of tears and arguments. We are learning as we go, and I still doubt myself often. But, I am leaning to let go of the idea that I am not good enough to teach my children, to stop comparing and to be guided through prayer. I love the quote, “every day may not be good, but there is good in every day.” That applies so well to homeschool life. There is nothing like seeing your child’s face light up when something clicks, watching them discover and learn and grow. Sure, there are lots of hard moments, when I want to throw in the towel and wonder what we are doing. But the good and the beautiful far outweighs the hard. This time with small children can seem so tiring and heavy at times to us moms, but they are only small for such a short time. I won’t always be the one he comes to for kisses when he gets hurt, he won’t always want me to lay by him, and soon he will be taller than me. I have only been a mother for 7 years, but I already know it goes by all too quickly. I love how homeschool gives me the chance to be absolutely present in the lives of my children and to cherish these years when they are small.