Faithful Family Friday //The Nelsons// 6-1-18



Katie Nelson


Fear is an interesting thing; it creeps in and makes you believe you aren’t capable or the responsibility is too big, so why try. Faith is the opposite; it is full of hope, willingness, and optimism to move forward. When I started getting promptings to homeschool our children I was full of fear. I talked with the Lord daily about all the reasons it wouldn’t be a good idea for our family, yet the promptings kept coming. One day while I was curling my hair and having another prayer conversation with the Lord, I listed all the cons of homeschooling. Suddenly, I heard Him say, “But if I asked you, would you?” My instant reply, “Yes.” I can never deny the reality of that clear question and the way it made me feel. I didn’t understand all the reasons but I knew that He knew, and He would guide me throughout this experience. 

I’m happy to report that my biggest fears have become some of my greatest JOYS! Many of the things I feared never became a reality. 

Our family’s new reality focuses more on the Savior, good books, slowing down, togetherness, more memories, and of course academics. 

He is guiding our family, no doubt. I am striving to move forward with faith.