Faithful Family Friday //The Mulders// 9-14-18



Rachael James Mulder


I have never been one who just goes with the mainstream flow. I used to roll glitter all over my entire face from a mint chocolate chip Bath and Body Works glitter stick and wear my hair in buns all over my head so I could stand out a little bit in my uniform-wearing middle school. Luckily I’ve stopped doing that, but when I had kids my passion and questioning of the “norm” amplified by about 1,000. It didn't take long before I knew I wanted to homeschool. I’m not crafty, organized, or particularly patient and my attempts to start teaching my oldest son during his preschool years crashed and burned. Now a few years later, I have four boys ages 6, 4, and 2-year old twins. The first two years of my twins life, even though my oldest son was “kindergarten” age, school did not happen. As his “kindergarten year” rolled on and the “homeschooling” stood still, I started to question everything. Could I really do this? There were a few dark months where I cried daily, overwhelmed with doubt. I researched all the schools around and called the public schools and nothing ever felt right. As I kept putting one feeble, weak step in front of the other, things began to improve and now, with my oldest son just starting first grade and my younger son in preschool, our daily devotional and school are my favorite parts of the day (besides my bath and chocolate reserves at the end of the night, of course😀). It has been difficult to try to overcome feelings of failure, comparison, and doubt, but the further I deepen my “why” of homeschooling, the more passionate about it I become and honestly the easier it becomes. I’m not homeschooling because of what public school is not; I homeschool because of what homeschooling IS. The Spirit has testified to me many times to keep going and has gently guided me along the way, providing each next step for me as I blindly move forward. We have a daily morning and as we start our day with our foundation on Jesus Christ, those tender moments carry us throughout the day. I feel strongly that the devotional is the most important part of our day as we focus on Christ. I love the freedom homeschool brings. I love the time it gives us to deepen our relationships as a family. I love how we can go on spontaneous adventures and spend the whole day outside if we’d like. I believe that side by side with Jesus Christ and the Holy Ghost we are POWERFUL and can bring up our children in truth and light, and when we truly believe that, we have nothing to fear.