Faithful Family Friday //The Evans Family// 5-18-18



Tessa Evans


Before we had children of our own I was a preschool teacher and I loved it.  So when our babies came, it seemed natural to preschool them at home but for some reason the idea of homeschooling our children after preschool was not even on our radar.  There were always little things I didn't necessarily agree with or love about public education, but overall we loved our neighborhood elementary and the administration and teachers there and our children were all doing well, so we never really questioned that path.  But three years ago, a small, seemingly insignificant family conversation on a car ride sparked the idea that maybe we wanted something different, something more for our children's education.  We had a high school freshman, a 7th grader, 4th grader, 1st grader a kindergartner and an infant and absolutely no idea where to begin!  We felt like our two oldest would not be open to the idea and were already settled and doing well so we kept them in public school and pulled the middle three.  As we started to navigate this new world that had opened up to us, our older girls started seeing the things we were learning and began asking if they should have learned these things already.  They then decided that they'd like to try part time homeschool and by the time the next school year rolled around, they had decided to homeschool full time.  At first, we thought we were simply changing the methods and location where our children learned but along the way we discovered a whole new way of life, a life full of curiosity and freedom and a desire to seek for knowledge from the world around us.  Suddenly it wasn't just about our children's education but ours as well and it was like our eyes were opened to so much we had missed before.  We have adopted the word SEEK as our motto, using the scriptures as our guide in how and what to seek.  We have also loved the way this lifestyle has given us more opportunity to connect God and his plan to everything else we are learning.  Scripture, song and prayer are a daily part of our education and spiritual discussion blends seamlessly with every topic (on the good days anyway!).   It has been a hard, joyful and liberating journey so far and we are continually amazed at the way that little car ride conversation has changed our lives.  It's not always wonderful and I'm constantly trying to tweek one thing or another, but we love it and are so thankful to be spending this time learning, exploring and discovering alongside our children.