Faithful Family Friday //The Dotsons// 6-15-18



Katie Dotson


I never even considered homeschooling my children until my oldest was in second grade. We were having a rough time with him at school and it was causing so much pain & stress on him. It was so hard to see my curious, creative, bright boy turn into someone else. Someone who doubted himself & his abilities. It broke my heart. For a few weeks I would get these little thoughts about homeschooling but I would dismiss them right away. “Homeschooling? Me? I can’t teach my kids what they need!!!” But after a while the promptings became stronger & stronger until I couldn’t push them aside any longer. I began praying about what to do. And after finally opening up to what Heavenly Father had been trying to tell me for so long, I knew that homeschool was what we were supposed to do. I remember the evening I decided to bring it up to my husband & tell him what I was feeling. I brought up homeschooling & he got this look on his face. He said that he happened upon a radio show that day while at work that was all about homeschooling & had listened to the whole thing. He had had his own prompting that homeschooling could be Tge answer to our worries with our son’s schooling. I was so overwhelmed with this amazing feeling of peace & knew right then that homeschool was the path for our family.

I am so grateful that my Heavenly Father has faith in me to teach His children the things they need to know to succeed in not just this life but also the next. This is my calling as their mother. He need me to teach & nurture His children. I love each day I get to spend learning & growing with my children.