Faithful Family Friday //The De Araujos// 6-22-18



Kaycee De Araujo


“When we started our family, living in a neighborhood zoned for highly rated schools was of utmost priority to us. My husband and I had every intention on sending our children to public schools. The year my daughter started preschool we were house hunting and I received a strong impression that the schools would not matter and not to make that a high priority on our search for a home. At the time I didn’t directly equate that impression to mean we would homeschool but it was the first time homeschooling came to my mind as a possible option. I started researching curricula and asking loaded questions to homeschooling moms but I had so many fears about it and we ended up sending our daughter to a private Montessori preschool. When the time for Kindergarten arrived I was still apprehensive to homeschool and we enrolled our daughter into a public school. In many ways public school was good. She was learning, she enjoyed school, and she had a wonderful nurturing teaching but she was getting burned out and was too exhausted most days to talk to us about her day. I was tired too. One day I even crumpled up the reading chart her teacher had given me and threw it the garbage. I knew how important reading was but I was tired of seeing an empty reading chart month after month. My daughter was spending nearly 40 hours each week in public school and I was trying to cook dinner, help her with homework, shuffle extracurricular activities, church callings, and the needs of both her and her younger siblings into just a few hours a day and I just couldn’t realistically read to her like I wanted to. We also struggled to find time for regular teachings of Christ in our home. During rare occasions our daughter would talk to us about events from school and my husband and I realized that the world was teaching her the ways of the world faster than we could teach her the ways of the Lord and we had to find a way to slow down that influence. We wanted to establish our home as a house of learning and strengthen our family relationships. In order to accomplish these things, my husband and I determined that we would have to “forego some good things in order to choose others that are better or best because they develop faith in the Lord Jesus Christ and strengthen our families.” -Dallin H. Oaks. Through much research, contemplation, and prayer we determined that sending our daughter to public school was “good” sending her to a charter school was “better” but homeschooling her was the “best” option for us at this season in life. We decided to pull her out of public school in the middle of her Kindergarten year and what a blessing this journey has been. Homeschooling has not been without challenges but it has enabled us time to have a Christ-centered home, read to our kids, and has helped us strengthen our family relationships and communication and so much more. I was afraid to homeschool and now I pray everyday that Heavenly Father allows me to continue this lifestyle for many years to come.”