Faithful Family Friday //The Burtons// 5-11-18



Catalina Burton


"As a bilingual, military family we were a little worried about our children’s future. Moving every three years or so,  it is exciting as it is also hard for so many families and children in the military (leaving friends, families, home, schools, etc… behind). And sometimes you have to say good bye to Daddy for 9 months or more. Finding the right schools for our children was one of many reasons for our family to homeschool, as is also finding as much time to spend together as a FAMILY. I have to also add that we really, really wanted to maintain their Spanish language with our children.  For these reasons we decided to homeschool.  I’m from Chile and my husband is from Washington D.C. area, he served a mission in Spain and when we met our first date was completely in Spanish. Til this day, we have never stopped speaking Spanish and now with our two children.  One is 4 1/2  and 15 months old, they are 100% bilingual and following two different curriculums for Homeschooling (sometimes I’m not sure how I do this?). It isn’t always easy to find a lot of resources to teach in Spanish, but I have been lucky enough to find what our children need and been able to teach in two languages.  My oldest just finished Preschool,  it was a LOT of work and dedication each day for her school lessons as well as extra activities outside the house. It was also a great year to know my children more than ever before, learning together, enjoying each other’s company and focus on what really matters for our family.  I know we are doing Gods work and I can feel it when we are able to sit down every day together to snuggle and read a book, especially the scriptures with my children and talks about Heavenly Father and praying together.  It isn’t like this every single day, some days are harder than others, but mostly the days are rewarding and our family feels closer than ever before."