Faithful Family Friday //The Jones Family// 5-4-18



Maren Jones


When we first started on this homeschool journey, I would get a little nervous about that inevitable question from friends, family & surprisingly-even strangers:  "So, what made you decide to homeschool?"  I would get nervous, because in the beginning I was so unsure of myself & I had several answers floating around in my mind.  Some not so politically correct answers.  I would usually answer something a little vague & move on.  But the more I thought about it, a very clear answer came to me.  I am homeschooling because that is what my Heavenly Father wants for our family in this season of our lives.  I find so much peace & strength in that knowledge, it buoys me up on those really hard days.  They are few & far between, but we have them just like everyone else.  Knowing that this is what my Heavenly Fathers wants me to do & focus on right now, gives me the peace of mind to know that not only will He help me through it & do it everyday, but that He will make up the difference in ALL the ways I am found lacking. And oh boy- there are a lot!  I am fully aware that I can't teach my children everything, and that's okay.  I know that if I focus on loving my children as He would, leading them to their own testimonies of Him & our Savior Jesus Christ, building our eternal relationships, teaching & modeling service & charity...that everything will workout in the end.  The grace of God is a mighty powerful tool that I have on my side...something I am thankful for everyday.