Faithful Family Friday //The Jenks// 4-13-18



Ashlee Jenks


The day that I felt the spirit plant the idea of homeschooling in my heart was lifechanging. Trying to figure out this ride has been arduous for me, but extremely rewarding and fulfilling. This quote by Elder Packer pretty much sums it up for me, “No teaching is equal, more spiritually rewarding, or more exalting than that of a mother teaching her children.” I have felt inadequate a lot, and can’t seem to get it right at times, but I have learned that it’s not about getting it all right. It’s about the journey. As we invite the spirit through prayer, and include the gospel into our daily homeschool activities, discussions, and studies, I can see and feel how the Lord is working in each of us, especially me as the mother. I fall to my knees every morning asking for my Heavenly Father’s help, guidance, and direction. He is refining me and helping me see in a higher way than I ever have before. He is building, and even mending, deficient relationships. He is creating something I NEVER could have created with my children had I ignored the spirit’s direction. He is helping me learn how to warm my children’s hearts to prepare them for their life’s mission, because in all of this I have learned that any success in life doesn’t mean much if we don’t know how to see with spiritual eyes. Trust me when I say that I was once that person who said she could NEVER homeschool. The spirit completely changed my heart. That’s what homeschooling is about—changing hearts. He has taught me that I CAN do this with His help, and that He will fill in all the places where I severely lack. This journey isn’t about making my kids book smart.  It’s about learning His ways, and instilling that in my children, because His way is the only way to find real meaningful success in any endeavor.