We are gathering as an army of mothers laboring on the front lines to raise children of faith, connected through the wonder of social media. Our hearts burn with the same flame in our hearts to bring about this great community. The Lord’s hand has brought us here & will continue to lead us along.

Owner/ Founder

Owner/ Founder

Heather Robison


Heather is wife to her best friend and mother to her five amazing little humans. She grew up dreaming of the day that she would design clothing and live in New York City. She currently lives in rural Utah on a farm of milking cows, gathering chicken eggs, and changing field sprinklers. She couldn’t imagine her life any other way. Her greatest joy in life is spending her days with her family, teaching her children, going on adventures, and using her creativity abilities. She has been homeschooling her children since 2011. Heather centers her days on Christ and implements His teachings in their school days.


Managing Director

Managing Director

Elizabeth Shideler


Elizabeth is a city girl turned country wife after marrying into a cattle ranching family. Her professional career began in the operating room as a surgical nurse and since having kids, is using her expertise bandaging the scraped knees of her three, adventurous little boys. She enjoys hand-lettering, weekly fishing trips with the boys, starting their school day with a dance party, and indulging in her guilty pleasure of fudge-striped cookies.

She is forever grateful for the knowledge of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ and centers their homeschool teachings upon His rock. 


Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Randi Gardner


Randi lives & loves with her husband and four children in the desert of Southern Utah. Randi feels most at-home surrounded by children, good books, and nature - and loves her life as a homeschool mama. As a creative soul, Randi likes to notice the beauty in the ordinary and share that with others. And she believes the most beauty is found through The Restored Gospel of Jesus Christ. 

Event Coordinator

Event Coordinator

Kindle Garner


Kindle is a nomad at heart, but calls Southern Utah home and loves adventuring in the desert with her husband and three children. She became a mother through adoption and has a tender spot for homeschooling diverse families and kiddos with special needs. Kindle enjoys poetry tea time, reading stories aloud with all the voices, pretending she’s a foodie, and discovering curiosities in nature with her children. She loves the Gospel with her whole heart and believes that creating beauty matters. Her favorite homeschooling philosophy is: Let them be little (even the teenagers).


Media & Public Relations

Media & Public Relations

Tessa Rosales


Tessa is a military spouse living in the great state of Texas. Besides the gospel and family, her passions are simple: learning, teaching, reading, writing and donuts. She is enthusiastic about championing others and loves to have good, clean fun. Her call to homeschool came early on, before she and her husband had any children. The example set forth by others and the desire to center their lives wholly on Jesus Christ has marked the path for her to happily educate her three children in the home. 


Kristie Gardner


Kristie is a fun loving, crazy mom of 5 munchkins whom she adores, and wife to 1 handsome man who is her rock and her greatest support. Nothing has brought more joy, love and laughter into her life and heart than her children and spouse.

Aside from her role as mother and wife, Kristie loves her side gig in the fitness world teaching classes, nutrition counseling, and personal training. She has been learning and teaching others for 20 years now and still loves it! It is a passion which she loves sharing with others. Although health is a priority to her, she loves her potato chips and chocolate chip cookies and vows to never give them up! 

Her desire to homeschool began when her oldest was only 3. She finally got the courage to go to the Lord a few years later for an answer and has been homeschooling, and loving it, ever since. It is a fun and crazy ride which she is so grateful to be on. Dance parties, gospel centered morning time, math while having a picnic out back, art projects, nature days and field trips are her daily life and she cannot imagine it any other way. 

Her love and testimony of the gospel is deep and she is grateful to surround her children with the good and beautiful each day, and a Christ centered home and school.